I was too young to remember how it started or why it started but i remember anyway. Those things that a child shouldn’t see I saw because my parents didn’t care about how their fights affected me; it seemed my father found some sort of pleasure hitting my mother because he did it frequently and on every opportunity he got which seemed to be every time. Not that we were not wealthy, we were comfortable and we didn’t lack any thing we needed. I remember how my mum used to cry all the time when it happened; there was no one she could run to or cry to for help because she thought no one would understand her. Everyone thought they had the most perfect marriage and they were the best but little did they know that things aren’t always as they seem.

I was 16 when my mother decided that enough was enough and that she didn’t want to die in the hands of a man called her husband. We relocated to another city and things were fine, my mother kept telling me that I should never allow a man lay his hands on me that I shouldn’t be like her and I should learn to fight back and not give a man that kind of power over me, that is what landed me where I am today.

I was 19 and off to the university; I was excited; finally I was going to be alone and independent, as I was tired of their violent attitude. My mother gave me all the advice a child would need while going away into another world. Anyway, I got to school and I made a resolution to be the best in my class and avoid any sort of distractions. My hostel roommate was a little older than me but I didn’t care as I wasn’t to allow anyone intimidate me.

I was done with registration and academics had begun fully. On this faithful day, after lectures I was hungry and decided to eat at the popular school restaurant where the big boys and girls hang out and that was where I met him. He approached me and introduced himself as Dayo. I told him my name was Ifeoma and we got talking; I learnt he was in his third year in the university and we were in the same department, so I was eager to know him more maybe I could learn one or two things from him…….

Continued in Part 2

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