I asked what was wrong and he said how dare me pick up another guy’s call when he is there, that it is very disrespectful. I tried to explain to him who the caller was but he wouldn’t hear it, he pounced on me and started beating me, he stopped only when he heard a knock on the door. He left to attend to the person and that was when I ran for my dear life: I didn’t look back, I just ran. Days later, Dayo called, but I wasn’t in the mood as I was still tending to the wounds he inflicted on me: he called several times after that but I didn’t pick and he stopped calling. A week later, my wound had healed and cleared so I went for lectures; after lectures, I was heading to my hostel when Dayo approached me and went on his knees and started begging me in public, I was ashamed because I didn’t expect that. People were staring and gathering, I had to walk away: he followed me all the way to my hostel and stopped me before I entered: he went on his knees again and begged me, I was furious but he was creating a scene so I had to calm down and listen to him. Let me just say I forgave him, he told me he loved me and that it was jealousy that made him do what he did. I know it was a stupid excuse but I guess I was in love that I didn’t care. He promised not to hit me again and I believed him.

Months went by and we were fine, everything was going on smoothly with my academics and finally I wrote my first semester exam. I went home for the short break before the commencement of the second semester. While I was at home Dayo and I spoke every day, and he even came visiting while my mum wasn’t at home, of course. One day, I went on an errand for my mum and didn’t go with my phone, on getting home I met several missed calls on my phone and it was Dayo that called: I called him back and when he picked he started raining insults on me, calling me a flirt and he didn’t even give me a chance of explaining myself before hanging up. I called him back but he didn’t pick so I sent him a text explaining why I didn’t pick his call and that I didn’t expect it from him…..

Continued in Part 4

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