He called the next day to apologize and I forgave him. I resumed school two weeks after. Dayo’s physical abuse started again and this time, it was worse: he would lock me in his place anytime I go visiting and would seize my phone, refusing me to pick any call. At any slight mistake, he would beat me, inflicting series of injuries on me: I was gradually turning to my mum, with no one to tell my predicament to. I loved Dayo but the way he showed he loved me was extreme and I was getting tired of it.

On this faithful day, I went visiting Dayo because it was his birthday and it was a weekend: I wanted to give him the gift I bought for him with the money I had been saving. On getting there, I met few of his friends outside his house and greeted them; I went inside to wait for him. He came inside after seeing them off and started questioning me about the way I greeted his friends, at first I thought I didn’t greet them very well and was about apologizing when he said that I was looking at one of his friends for too long and I was flirting with him. I was shocked and I told him he sounded very stupid saying that, that he had no reason to assume that I was flirting with his friend. He slapped me twice, and before I could find my voice, he hit my head on the wall and I started bleeding. I didn’t know the devil that entered me, but I was determined to fight back and fight I did. I punched him in the chest and slapped him; he held my hands together in an attempt to stop me but I freed myself and found the closest object nearby which was a mug. I hit him on the head with the mug and he screamed, the next thing I saw was blood on the floor beside him and he was lifeless. I tried waking him to no avail, I just sat there looking at him till a friend of his came in and saw him lying on the floor in his blood. He called for help from his neighbors.

Dayo was pronounced dead on getting to the hospital and his parents were summoned. I was arrested and charged to court. My mother was disappointed in me of course but the deed had been done. I told my mum that I don’t regret what I did that at least I was stronger than her because I fought back and I didn’t allow any man treat me anyhow like the way my father treated her. I am awaiting judgment by the court now but I heard I will be sentenced to death.

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