I screamed as he held me against the bed, his strong hands covering my mouth. I had just turned five some days ago.

The pain was intense. I tried to push him away, but I couldn’t and I gave up just as I had done some weeks ago when I tried to lift the sofa in the living room. When he finally got down from the bed, he spat on the ground, pulled up his trousers and left the room in a hurry. I wiped the tears with the back of my hands and tried to sit up. But my thighs hurt so badly and so I lay there numb. He walked back into the room and stood in front of me.


I didn’t answer.

He called my name again and as if my crying button was suddenly powered on: I began to wail. He rushed to my side and rolled me over, pulling out the bedspread smeared with my blood. I continued to scream. He slapped me. I stopped screaming.

‘Listen to me. If you tell anyone about what happened here, I will kill you:’ he barked, his big eyeballs boring into mine.

When he heard my aunt drive in, he quickly covered me up with a blanket and ran out: Aunty Dupe entered the house, cheerful and boisterous as usual, and walked into my room with a cup of strawberry ice-cream. Her husband followed behind, peering from behind her, making a face that reminded me of his threat.

‘Sarah darling’ she said, grinning.

She sat on the bed and gave me a peck on my cheeks.

‘I brought you your favorite ice-cream.’

My uncle wouldn’t take his eyes off me. I remained mute.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ She touched my head to feel my temperature.

‘Sarah is not feeling too well. She’s been on the bed since morning.’ I glared at my uncle and thought what a professional liar he was.

‘ I will make you a cup of hot tea.’ She walked out briskly.

‘Now you be a good girl.’ Uncle Richard said, as he crawled out quietly.

I couldn’t eat anything that night. Aunty Dupe was worried.

As she dragged me to the bathroom for a shower, I winced and pulled away. Now she was concerned.

‘What happened to you?’ She took me back to bed and then noticed the bedspread was gone….

Continued in Part 2

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