By Anebi  Olowu John

One day, after my lessons, while waiting for my mother to come pick me, Mrs Davis called on me and was questioning me. At first I was scared I had done something wrong due to the turn of her voice, then her voice became so low as she stretched her hand toward me to touch my already growing breast (my growth was faster than most girls my age) and asked me if it hurts. I told her no, that it doesn’t hurt; she asked me if anyone has touched it before and I told her no; she went ahead to touch it again but this time pressed it a little harder. I moved back due to the pain I felt, she apologized and told me not to tell anyone that she touched me, that she just wanted to know if anyone has touched me there before. My mum came few minutes later and we went home.

The next day in school, Mrs Davis asked me if I told anyone about what happened and I told her I didn’t, since she told me not to tell anyone. I proceeded to tell her that I was obedient and didn’t disobey my teachers. My mum picked me early that day from the lessons and on following days afterwards. Two weeks later, rain fell heavily; which prevented my mum from coming early to pick me, and it was just I and Mrs Davis left after the lessons; my mum called that she would be coming late. I was eating my snacks when Mrs Davis approached me and started rubbing my back, I just smiled at her and then she touched my breast. She told me to remove my uniform letting it just hang on my waist; I did as I was told. She pinched my nipple and told me how lovely my breast looked, she made me promise not to tell anyone about it and that she was only teaching me, I didn’t understand so I didn’t argue. She proceeded to put her mouth on my breast and sucked it, she asked me if I like it and I told her I didn’t know; that it felt funny. She told me not to worry that I will like it later on and she fondled my breast and squeezed it. … Continued in Part 3


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