Lekan, the Ikire dancer of Kikenny, Ireland.


Many have published stuffs on Nigerian never-do-wells in foreign climes, but that is not the true story of Nigeria, our beloved country. Ghen..ghen.. Enter Lekan Akinyemi, a breath of fresh, cool, Godly air, doing his great dance lessons in Kikenny, Ireland,; doing Nigeria proud, and smiling to the bank. Lekan, the Ikire, Osun state born Theatre Arts graduate of Unilorin, Kwara State, is an enigma of sort; a tireless, talented, warm and loving personality with a flair for drama and positivism under any given situation. I have known Lekan for decades, I am yet to see him sad or depressed, in any situation. Kudos to Abasi, the stage craftsman from Unilorin. More grease to Lekan; Abasi’s elbow.  Keep flying the green-white green bro.


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