Ist Annual Ooni Okunade Sijuade Memorial Lecture at Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu

It was a gathering of the high and mighty, mixed with the lowly and struggling, when Oduduwa Univerisity, Ipetumodu held the first annual Ooni Okunade Sijuade Memorial Lecture at the Agboola Odeyemi Hall of the University. The Guest Lecturer, Prof Adisa Ogunfolakan, chose the theme: ROYALTY, IFE CULTURAL HERITAGE AND OBA OKUNADE SIJUADE. Supporting the guest lecturer were speakers like Oba Ojutalayo, Eng Awotorebo B.I., Prof Olupona (Havard Uni. U.S.A, author of “City of 201 gods”), Prof Alao, on behalf of Prof Dibu Ojerinde, and many others.

The guest lecturer linked African culture and  self esteem to pre-colonial African progress and prosperity, which the white colonial masters took away before they could dominate and colonize Africa. This self esteem and culture, he surmised, must be re-imbibed and nurtured before the much awaited African renaissance prosperity and development can be realized. Ogunfolakan reminded the audience of great technological works like the metal studded 39 meter tall Opa Oranmiyan in Ife, the 5 meter high Ife City walls at Ilode, Ife, the bronze casted Ori Olokun, the coloured beads and many others, which testify to God’s imbued wisdom and creativity, manifested by our African fore fathers. Prof Adisa preached that we all should strive to leave legacies behind for the next generation, as our fathers, including Oba Sijuade had done. He highlighted that Oba Sijuade left legacies of the new Oduduwa University, touched lives and made many Federal ministers, State Commisioners, Ambassadors, Dr R. Adedoyin and others who had all gathered to remember him for his goodness and generosity.  Among the books introduced by the guest lecturer were: “Ife Sacred and Historical Landscape”, authored by him; “Life and Times of Oba O. Sijuade”, authored by Prof Olupona, Prof Adisa Ogunfolakan, Dr (Mrs) Dosunmu Awolowo and many others.

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