By Shomoye Abiodun R.

Nigeria as a country is endowed with many ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have assisted in forming a formidable country enviable to other neighboring countries. These ethnic groups are characterized by their unique culture. The word culture has generally been defined as the way of life of a people within a location at a particular period of time. Out of the many ethnic groups, three has been selected as the major group in  Nigeria vis: Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. Each of this group occupies a unique geographical location within the country and also exhibits certain independent cultural traits. This write up, has total bias for the Yoruba ethnic group, for  no reason other than that Yoruba is the ethnic group of the writer, and I decided to write this after noticing some shambolic acts from our supposed Yoruba uncle; acts which are totally against the tenets of belief of the Yoruba as an ethnic group. Before our popular Yoruba uncle paint a dirty image of the ethnic group to the larger populace, there is need to clarify some issues and this brought about this write up.

Yoruba as an ethnic group in the country have her people majorly located in the south western part of the country and partially in the north central part of the country. In the towns, cities, states and many other locations Yoruba people are found, a reserved way of life remains one of their unique characters. As an ethnic group, Yoruba’s love for respecting other people (both old and young) is unarguably one of the best defining traits, if not the best, amongst the ethnic groups in Nigeria. Lies, hypocrisy, back-biting, lack of a valid stand, stealing and all other sorts of immoral acts tried all possible best to gain entrance into Yoruba culture, but all efforts were rendered useless. This ethnic group went as far as creating superstitious believes just to tame her people from imbibing immoral acts. Every Yoruba born is an ambassador of this great qualities and he/she is expected to act in accordance. As it is known, cultural attributes are not ……..

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