By Shomoye Abiodun R.

For FFK to still be claiming Yoruba as his ethnic group is unjust to the Yoruba culture, as his ways of life negates all the stated qualities of a Yoruba man. His actions on various issues depicts the fact that he is anti-Yoruba culture and must not be taken serious by any young Yoruba boy or girl, in fact all ethnic groups. My words are not coming out of hatred but rather from a critical study conducted in which his characters and actions were mapped against the stated expected qualities of a Yoruba man. After the study, FFK passed just one test which was aided by the facts that he still bears a Yoruba name. To cut the story short, FFK is in three analytical forms: The Lying FFK, The hypocritical FFK and the Irresponsible FFK.

It was brought to my awareness that FFK has decided to release another album from his database of lies but this time around, he went too far; even defending the “undefendable”. What played out in his recent interview on Channels TV can be likened to a situation where there is a messenger without a message thereby turning into an attention seeker. FFK was quoted to have said “Once the Dasuki trial begins, many Nigerians will be shocked that no money meant for arms was used for campaign”. My question to my supposed Yoruba uncle is: Have you been in comma for some months prior to your interview? I guess that should be the only reason for a well-informed person to defend the alleged misappropriation of arms fund when the accused people have started the naming ceremony of the beneficiaries. There is no better definition of “LIES” other than this; young Nigerians outside there, please take note and don’t follow. As if that was not enough, he was also quoted to have said “many Nigerians seem to have forgotten that by the time we conducted the election, we had recovered every single territory”. Though my supposed Yoruba uncle might be subjected to early forgetfulness but people like me aren’t. Let me therefore refresh his memory by asking him this question “Who was in government on May 19, 2015 when Boko Haram ….


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