By Shomoye Abiodun R.

“Who was in government on May 19, 2015 when Boko Haram recaptured the border town of Maite in Borno?”. Don’t let me disturb you with the response, the state of comma  was real. You can’t continue to propagate lies and expect to be categorized as a good ambassador of Yoruba culture. It will be better you desist from this and stop painting a bad image of the culture.

Let me end by citing some of FFK’s words in the past and what became of them when he was assured of getting his “external force”; FFK while defecting from PDP was quoted in a video interview to have said the following: “Going to opposition is a work of God”, “My closest friends are no longer in PDP, Nasiru El Rufai is no more, Ribadu is no more”, “Those of us that have been there have tried to endure the wind of corruption and evil, this is what I can’t cope with again”, “As for me, I have parted ways with PDP long ago but am only making it public now; I am now joining those that my soul  has been linked to for so many years, those that are close to me in body, spirit and soul, those that are on the progressive side”. Months later, my Yoruba Uncle displayed his chameleon-like character and was quoted to again negate his words while defecting from PDP. In justification of leaving APC and returning back to the party where he was trying hard to endure the wind of corruption and evil, he said the following: “Going to APC was a mistake of decisions”. One will wonder if all those people he said were joined to him in body and soul are also back to PDP; has there been a miraculous transformation which has cleaned up the wind of corruption and evils he said was in PDP? Don’t bother, the “external force” has influenced his position and a change in direction is definitely bound to occur; remember I said FFK’s mouth obeys Newton’s law!

To my young Nigerians outside there, these are just few out of FFK’s many culturally unacceptable acts, I therefore plead with everyone not to copy any of his bad characters. Though we can’t deny him, he is still our uncle by name.


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