Yet again today Nov 3RD , the mixed gathering of the high and low, in the chambers of Agboola Odeyemi Hall, Oduduwa University, found great reasons to praise the Almighty God for giving them the grace to be alive to see the 8TH founder’s day of the university. The blessed gathering of people from all walks of life was sonorous in praises, worship and heartfelt prayers as the invited imams, pastors and traditionalists took turn to lead the people to reverence God Almighty  and to launch requests for the good things to continue, not only for the chief celebrants; Chief (Dr) Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin and Chief (Mrs) Iyabode Olufunke Adedoyin-proprietors of O.U.I- but for all present well wishers, friends, workers, lecturers and family.

The Chief Imam of the O.U.I community set the ball rolling with powerful Islamic prayers of thanksgiving and requests that got all present shouting “aaammin” again and again; before the representative of the Oluwo Saala of the Ogboni Fraternity (Ife Division) took center stage, reeling out well meaning prayers laced with incantations and Yoruba folklorism, accompanied by thunderous “aaase” from the excited multitude. Next to lead was Pastor Richman Oluwadaisi, the current assistant pastor of the Winners Chapel, Lagere, Ife; also the University’s current Director of Works and Physical Planning. Pastor Richman lived up to his usual ebullient, musical and praiseful self, as he led the congregation in worship, praise and thanksgiving for more than thirty minutes. Then came the three sets of anointed pastors who ministered individually, one after the other; asking for long life and prosperity, more blessings for, and annihilation of all enemies of the Maye Oodua, his family and all congregants present in the hall.  The beauty of the occasion was augmented as the address by the Yeye-Maye, on behalf of the absent-in-person-but present-in-spirit Chancellor-Chief Adedoyin-was superlative; laced with anecdotes and flashbacks about the lean, “garri” drinking founding days of the Maye Empire, when the wife willingly assisted young Ramon in secretarial duties, as he believed God for better days, as he progressed from correspondence courses, to home tutorials, then to tutorial center, to technology school, to polytechnic, and finally, to Oduduwa University; “like play like play”- to use Yeye Maye’s words. Glory to God for such idealistic, visionary, dogged, determined philanthropists like the Maye and the Yeye-Maye;  Ipetumodu and Ile-Ife, nay, Osun State and Nigeria can witness the rapid growth of a private University of Oduduwa University’s caliber and standard. The next founder’s day promises to be more fun than this. See you there, God willing.

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