President Mohammadu Buhari and His Uncouth Statements: A Political Suicide and Smear on the National Reputation.

Laziness can be described or defined as not liking to work hard or to be active. Going by that definition and trying to fairly juxtapose it with the surly words of Mr President recently, in Westminster, United Kingdom.

He said “More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education for free.”

Apart from the fact that it is ridiculous, brash and consequential for the national image of a nation; the number one citizen and Commander in Chief of All forces that represent the totality of the nation to publicly undermine, undersell and wash the sordid linen of the people he was voted to protect, secure and guard on the global space.

The statement is absolutely undeserving and grossly unacceptable by me, as a surviving student of a Nigeria higher institution – a dilapidated and tinderbox system in which he’s one of it drivers and managers, where students are bound to strife and struggle rigorously against all odds to earn a degree even without an iota of hope for employment afterward.

In my opinion, such words are tantamount to treachery and a perfidy to the oath of office of Mr President. This isn’t the first time Mr President will ecumenically besmirch our national integrity, dignity and reputation with his unbridled utterances; it seems like there are some unseen forces that compel his mouth to crassly drool uncontrollably on global cynosure. In one of his visit overseas, he claimed Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.

President Buhari has continued to fail in his principal stewardship as president; which is to be the chief marketing officer of the country. He has actually so far perverted the opportunities he had to sell Nigeria latents to the International prospective investors. He’s both wrecking us locally and internationally. He his overwhelmed and fond with the rancid habit of hitting and hurting our national pride perpetually.

Nigeria youths are hapless and helpless victims of bad leadership, a perforated system, grisly policies and morbid politics concocted and perpetrated by the class of Mr President. Kingsley Moghalu once said: “We must refrain from asking our youth why their feet are dirty, when we don’t even give them shoes.”

Mr President is team with the caste that looted the patrimony and future of Nigerians during the Jack boot reigns; he’s amidst the old cargoes that won’t evacuate the governmental space for the youths to in good fate, pick the pieces of their squandered future and shape it lushly and luxuriantly; he’s among those whom their reign has persistently harass, debase, plaque, excruciate and make the life of youths most miserable in this clime.

Permit me to inquire, what moral justification does Buhari has to label the youths as lazy and entitled? When his enervated and deadened class are still ubiquitous on our political and governmental space; unproductive and yet accruing exorbitantly from the oil money. And the youths that daily risk their lives amidst the thick road traffics, come rain, come quakes and the terrible scorching sun of African firmament.

The same youths whilst despite the unfavorable and cruel disposition of his administration towards education, travail with perseverance through the aggressive and strenuous academic system. The same youths that stake their lives as military men to gallantly defend the territory, uphold the unity and ensure the security of the people of Nigeria, despite the fact that their life are politically sacrificed to score cheap points.

In a saner world, the statement uttered by PMB is tantamount to singing his own political eulogy. Insulting the youths, which the demography projected as about 75% of the total population is a political suicide. Unless of course, as usual they have constructed a backdoor through which the 2019 electioneering process will be maneuvered and manipulated.

And perhaps, maybe Mr President was right in his judgement, may be, he is unwittingly and subtly doing the youth a major favour, he’s waking their consciousness to rise above laziness, slumbering, complacency and the pettiness of being used as thugs for disrupting electioneering processes and rogue agent for political propaganda.

This is the best time for the youths to consciously be alert to salvage the nation from pacing down a total collapse. A better chance like 2019 might take another century. And the major challenge about democratically unseating Buhari as at today is the lack of a viable, capable and credible opponent that has the popularity and goodwill among the electorate.

Onilogbo Adesegun



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