NEW TECH START UP: CLIQUE- Experiencing Educational Fun


Clique, created by the founder of smile campaign and a final year student of Oduduwa university is the latest App on the university campus. The innovation has come to help student enjoy educational fun.

What is clique? : it is your educational personal assistant mobile app that helps you enjoy the best of education while you have time for fun and meeting friends. It helps you balance education and socials.

The features are:

  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Lecturer desk
  • School map
  • Event centre
  • E-library

Key notes of clique features

  • class schedule- the class schedule reminds you of your next course fifteen minutes before the time. Its an assistant that keeps you in track of your schedule.
  • Event centers- Get informed of that next party or event happening on campus and you can even buy your ticket via the app, its smooth easy and comfortable, Never miss an event again.
  • The friend – zone, enlarge your clique of friends meet bright minds. Its never too much to get to know someone new, the clique App gives you that platform to meet new people from all educational institution even yours.
  • Timeline- Get real time updates on things happening on your campus and others, educational info and many more.
  • Lecturers desk- On this app you can communicate with your lecturer, submit assignments, project works and term papers without getting to his or her office.
  • E-library- our e-library is vast and rich in resources that helps you in several aspect of your educational life. Aside aspects of your educational life. Aside materials, get to watch videos that relate to your course.

The App is set to be launch in few weeks’ time and will then be available on google play store and iTunes store.

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