The “Born Again Fad” on Nigerian Campuses


Nigeria campuses have witnessed a wave of evangelical frenzy across the country as churches have successfully planted a lot of campus fellowships around the country. The rise of religious fellowship on campus has brought a lot of changes to student attitude and composure on campus, it has also spread the gospel to lost of youths in various university and has made some students withdraw from the delicate life they were living, and in summary campus fellowships have had a lot of positive impact on campuses.

This bring me to the students that believe they have undergo the evangelical wave on campus and are now termed as “Born again”. Sometimes being “born again” on campus makes people term you as an “SU”, this means you cannot be seen doing things unbelievers do on campus such as examination malpractice, clubbing, drug abuse, cultism etc. But my question is, is this all the possible sin an individual could get involved in?

People have successful clothed themselves in righteous colors on campus and they are exempted from general criticism because of what they publicly portray. In an exam hall a lecturer or a supervisor would confidently walk by an assumed born again and keeps his eye on an assumed unbeliever. I have seen cases where born again (either Christian or Muslim) are left alone in an exam hall and they still involved themselves in examination malpractice, and I have also seen cases where a secular person won’t even involve in examination malpractice, under any condition. So now, is it right to judge students on their religious believes or their inbuilt morals?

The term born again is often used, abused and misused in our present day campuses, they have made it look more like a fad, as a phenomena that doesn’t last, being born again shouldn’t be of a short period or a cover up for hidden sins and anomalies: or what do we say about the so called born again live-in-couple that now exist on our campuses and judge the little man that was caught cheating during an examination, or the born again that gossip so much and feel disgusted by the careless lady in her class, or the born again that can keep malice with the whole class and still make an alter call in church on the following day, or the so called born again that masturbate in secret and disapprove fornication? Yet in this system we are judged by our religious believes and outward appearance. This has gradually brought a “born again fad” on Nigerian campuses as most students want to be judged in a positive manner, regardless of their actions, while paying scant attention to what the word born again itself means.

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