Three Things School Lives Teaches You That You May Not Learn Somewhere Else.

School life is fun, interesting, can be annoying sometimes, and that’s simply part of what makes it exceptional, the icing on the cake. School is where your family members can’t have their eyes on you, even if your dad is the school principal or the vice chancellor, he won’t see you at every corner.

As much as it is essential to be in school for studies, it is also good that you not only pass through school, but let school pass through you. These are the things you should be sensitive about while in school, if you get them, you get them for life.


Yes, you are still dependent on someone who pays your school fees and meet your needs. And for some, they are sponsoring themselves, paying their own school fees. The truth then is, you have to make decisions, whether you will go to class or not, after all it’s not secondary school where your mum will make sure you don’t miss school. It’s your decision if you will wake up early for the 7am lectures or not, whether you want to read or not, it remains your very own decision. If you discipline yourself and make the right choice, it will help you after school to make quality decision, choosing right whether you feel like or not, and doing the right thing; an act of maturity.


Multitasking has to do with the simultaneous management of two or more

task by a person. Being a good student at all involves logical multitasking even

if all you will do is go to class and read. You need to attend lectures, reading,

preparing your meal, washing, and relaxing. For some people, the above listed

is just a tip of the iceberg in their schedules. From running business to attending

fellowships down to personal development. If you can’t add two plus two to

give you two, you would be miserable and soon find out you are the same after

school. Your head and mind has to work every day and you have to always

ensure no stone is left unturned. If you concentrate on academics and leave

your health out, you will break down. And if you concentrate on one then the

rest will also suffer. Be sure you learn multitasking, out there is greater

responsibilities. From being a father to being a husband, you have your job to

attend to and other things. Once you can make multitasking a lifestyle then

you will be more productive and won’t struggle out there.



Someone said at a time that the kind or type of people you will meet in life,

you would have met them in school. In other words, no personality or

behaviour will be strange to you. If you can’t handle relationships in school,

how will you handle it after school? You give everyone a piece of your mind at

a slight misunderstanding. You have zero percent tolerance and poor in simple

hospitality. If you later learn it, it could be in the hard way after you might have

chased away all the important people in your dear life. Relate well with people

, smile, forgive and tolerate them.



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