Rape again: Pro Footballers vs Model


Rape refuses to go away!

A French model claims she was drugged and raped by a Premier League football player and his friend after a night out in London.

The woman met the pair and a friend for dinner before heading out to a nightclub in Mayfair where she danced with the pro player and kissed him. She said she had only two glasses of champagne and one vodka but began to feel unwell and vomited so they all called it a night.

The model was still unwell and disoriented when they got back to the rented flat in Westminster and collapsed in bed alone. ‘She knew that something wasn’t right because she can normally drink a lot more than that,’ a friend told the Star.

‘When she got there she spent half an hour in the bathroom and just about had the energy to get into bed.’ The model told police she woke up to the player having sex with her, having removed her underwear while she was unconscious.

Though was in pain, she was too weak to fight him off and passed out again – only to wake up later to find his friend in bed with her.

She told him what his friend allegedly did and instead of helping she claimed he said he didn’t want to hear about it, then sexually assaulted her. This time she was able to fight him off and ran through the house to find her friend before passing out again with her. When she woke up the men were gone.


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