Dream Interpretations- Spiritual vs Mental


Spiritual interpretations of dreams now compete with mental interpretations from psychologists and dream therapists.

Featured below is dream interpretation from the point of view of a psychologist/dream therapist.

Dreams are often random and sometimes they make little sense – but some have a stronger meaning.

The ‘dream doctor’ Martina Kocian, a Sydney-based therapist, believes dreams hold certain messages and proper interpretation can uncover these.

Appearing on the Today show, she explained the meaning of four common dreams including falling, taking a test, teeth falling out and being chased.

Her insights will tell you a lot about the emotion your dreams are trying to convey.

If you’re dreaming of being chased it could be you’re not facing up to a particular issue

Martina Kocian (pictured) is a  Sydney-based therapist who interprets dreams 

Martina Kocian (pictured) is a Sydney-based therapist who interprets dreams

The first interpretation she offered was for the common dream of falling.

‘Falling tends to signify that we’re feeling out of control or we are just out of control in our waking life,’ Ms Kocian said.

She noted those who enjoyed the feeling of falling in a dream may not be anxious about change, and are in fact at peace with letting go.

The expert also said teeth falling out for no apparent reason was another common dream.

What are the spiritual interpreter saying on this?

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