Owerri Hotel Room without Lock-Guest Molested at Night

A friend shared this occurrence which he claimed happened to him life in an Owerri hotel, three months ago.

Ray (not real name) entered Owerri by 12 midnight via one of the smaller buses. At the first round-about by the iconic church, he took his meal as usual from one of the neat, businesslike road side hawkers, before proceeding on leg to this popular hotel close to the iconic church. Ray got a room for N3,000 for the night, paying before inspection. Ray said that he complained on discovering that the second floor room given to him had no key, to which the service boy glibly replied that he should not worry, as he was safer in the the hotel than in a police station. And since it was already 1:00 am, Ray decided to manage the situation, having never ever experienced any bad happenstance in any Igbo town; and he had been to several, as a Yoruba businessman who saw Igbo people as kinsmen, even defending the Igbo anywhere needed.  Ray then decided to apply Lagos boy sense and not fall Mugu just like that. He sensed that someone may wait for him to fall asleep before surreptitiously gaining entry. He packed all the heavy bedside tables, reading table and wooden wardrobe and used all to back the door and make it fast before sleeping off.

Not long after falling into a deep, travel weary sleep, he was awoken by the scraping sound of the heavy tables and wardrobe been pushed aside to open the door, against his wish.

He said he started shouting “Who are you”, “What do you want”, “Go away now”, as he rushed to lean on the heavy security for his door. Luckily for Ray, the intruder left.

But Ray was agitated and could not sleep again, for hours. Ray said he now prepared for war, using the metal curtain rods, seating on the bed and facing the door to check any further intrusion.

But nature cheated Ray: he woke up to the rays of sunshine; it was a brilliant morning. Gratefully, he bathed and prepared to go down and out the hotel front door. Then, through the window, he saw two men downstairs in the yard, looking up at him and discussing the night incidence. The room service boy said to the other taller man: “It was only the girl oo, nobody wanted to harm him”. The taller man replied: “Worse things have happened to people while they slept, from unauthorized intrusions”.

Finally, Ray crept downstairs, not knowing what to expect. But alas, the reception, in fact every where was empty, nobody insight! Maybe out of fright or something. Then Ray remembered the police siren in the night and surmised that the hotel handlers may have believed that  he had reported the incidence or could report the case, hence the empty hotel.

It is always important that the hotel room you lodge in have a key and that you secure yourself inside the room before you sleep. This could happen any where in the world: Lagos, Ibadan, Uyo, London. Ray said he believed it is not an ethic thing.

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