Homosexuality Nigeriana: Nigerians are hypocrites-Kenny Brandmuse

“We all need to look into our lives and be upfront with ourselves. Am I living my authentic life or am I living it to please families and friends? To come out is to confront shame and limitations to live our most authentic life.” These being the words of Kenny Brandmuse, the gay guy across the pond. He claims to have slept with Pastors and a senator, and that homosexuality is rampant amongst illiterates, that white Europeans are not the originators of homosexuality.

Some will definitely agree with him, while others like me will vehemently disagree; homosexuality is not of God, we are not accidents of nature from the “big bang”. There is light and darkness, God and the tiny arch enemy, Satan. God represents order, light, progress, life and love, while Satan in his best state only tries to deceive people into animistic existentialism.

Consider that bestiality is the next big push of Satan at God’s heritage (men) and know that all these attempts to reduce homo sapiens to animals are just demonic witchcraft targeted at rubbishing the creator and his most esteemed creatures.

The power of God and of the Godly far outweigh anything empiricism can ever output, and no atomic weapon can destroy the godly when it is God’s time to override this time/space continuum called the universe   .

In other words, spirit bodies don’t live in time, space or physically limiting ensembles/bodies, and the mind-contrived exoterism of homosexuality, bestiality, human sacrifice, mosantoism and witchcraft are are cheap rites being wangled in exchange for your God given rights of life more abundant in this God gifted and blessed universe.

Consider for instance that you can live in bliss with your wife and child on 10 acres of farmland with full supply of food and necessities. What militates against this bliss? Other people’s wrong ideas of killing you off to steal from you!

If there is no deceiver, most minds will not go along the rotten lines, and will not be a threat to the homo-sapien.

Homosexuality, like bestiality, incest and child pornography is a threat to blissful human existence, to you and I.

Take a stand. No to anti God ideas. In God is life and light.

#Westandfor God


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