Congratulations to Atiku Abubakar, THE MAN!!!

That about summarizes the import of all Atiku’s strivings, wins, loses, businesses, associations and family life: so far, congratulations Atiku.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo said, “It is not life that matters, but the courage you put into it”.

This courage is very evident in all the ups and downs that Atiku has witnessed in his almost 80 decades of existence on earth, in Nigeria. That a man will exist and not err is almost impossible, except for the case of Jesus, “a man who received the Holy Spirit without measure”. If you claim sinlessness, opponents exist at every corner to accuse you of sundry faults and dark spots in your white garment. Hence Atiku’s predicament in the hands of his traducers is nothing new or special. In an atmosphere of worldwide fake news and one sided news reporting by corrupt journalists, it is getting harder and harder to know what to believe out of all the kaleidoscope of reports masquerading as news out there.

Atiku had to undertake his famed American journey to discredit his political opponents who insisted for years that he is persona-non-grata in the U.S. This was essential for many of us to really believe that America can welcome Atiku, the presidential hopeful who can send Buhari packing from Aso Rock. This is salutary and worth of commendation for a man who had the likes of open haters like President Obasanjo- the enigma to contend with. Congratulations Atiku!! Drum rolls! Not easy to finally get a nay sayer like Obasanjo-the legend in your camp, warts and all! It took a lot of guts, humility, patience and perseverance, listening patiently as Obasanjo insisted that the repentant “thief” may make a good president, better than the revealed Fulani Jihadist out to execute the Fulani agenda, for it is no longer looking like a northern agenda: the killing of Christians and annexation of Christian and Muslim minority lands in Plateau, Benue, Zamfara, Nassarawa and other states cannot be a northern agenda.

Atiku proves to the whole world that what one Fulani may mess up, another Fulani can remedy, trying to save Nigeria, the most populous black nation on God’s earth from religious and ethnic war in the mold of Bosnia and Hezegovina, or Rwanda’s Hutus and Tutsi melee.

We look forward to popping champaignes, clinking glasses and great celebrations as Atiku’s courage is rewarded, for his bid is salutary, his promises surer.

Like a man of God said, “better vote for a “thief” than a supporter of killers.

Congrats Atiku!!!

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