Unruly English Fans: Footballs Worst Nightmare ?

With the abundant evidence of decades of violent behavior by English Football fans all over the world, it is safe to categorize them as unruly, unrepentant and ungovernable. When fans of other nations go to match venues to cheer their teams, English fans go with the added intention of unleashing mayhem at the slightest provocations. Why the Queen’s own people should be crowned most unruly is baffling and unbecoming.

Sky news report that England football fans have clashed with police in a second night of “completely unacceptable” violence in Porto is cause for alarm. Why do the English fans have no sense of shame?

The Fans have traveled for a key semi-final match on Thursday, when England will play the Netherlands in the Nations League.

What is wrong with the English fan? The land that spread the gospel of Christ and civilization seems to be going back to the dark ages of might is right.

A witness claimed fans wearing England shirts and chanting England songs threw drinks and bottles when Portugal scored.

In the footage, objects can be seen flying through the air in the direction of police who then charge at the fans.

Will Burns, from Wimbledon, said: “Lots of Portuguese families watching the game in the fan zone, Portugal scored and then England fans started throwing drinks followed by bottles.

“Only one policeman was there. Then all the Portuguese families started running away, carrying their crying children. While England fans sang ‘England ’til I die’.

“Embarrassing to be English.”

The Queen needs a think-tank of egg heads to re-orientate these buffoons and save the Queen this English embarrassment. A stitch in time saves nine!!!!

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