Putin and Trump: Two world leaders speaking right on LGBT

It is deeply distressing to hear world leaders insist that human emotions are right above time tested Biblical and Quaranical stands on Sodomy, Homosexuality, Gayness, Transvestites, Bestiality… you name it! The human body, male and female clearly bear enough evidence of the uses to which they should be put, all emotional quaffing to the contrary are simply unserious.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are two superheroes who stand on that simplest of Godly principles: man and woman, not man and beast, nor man and man, nor woman and woman.  

It is in this light that we condemn Sir Elton John’s accusation of Putin as “hypocrite”, on Putin’s recent statements slamming the LGBT people on their drive to aggressively educate minors on the benefits of LGBT heresies. LGBT started as cult worship of Satan and his many demons, as recorded in the Bible and History. Putin right, all celebrities wrong; if you must surrender your bodies as living sacrifices to Lucifer, don’t drag the rest of humanity along on puerile emotional, so called “democratic and human right” bandwagon effects. Christians, Muslims and many right thinking people say no.

We stand with God, come what may! We stand with Putin, Trump and all Godly world leaders.

According to Sky news, Sir Elton John has accused Vladimir Putin of “hypocrisy” after the Russian leader said his country has “no problem” with LGBT people.

The music legend said he was “deeply upset” by Mr Putin’s interview with the Financial Times in which he said liberalism “must not be allowed to overshadow the culture, traditions and traditional family values of millions of people”.

Mr Putin had told the FT he was “not trying to insult anyone” and wanted to “let everyone be happy”, but said “some things do appear excessive to us”.

These Putin statements defend us all against the maniacal push of LGBT to convert all cultures, traditions and traditional family values of millions of people to their viewpoints, to the excessive extent of trying to “catch them young”! This is demonic! Please LGBT people stop it!

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